Guide to Setup Withdrawals and Payout Wallets

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  1. Visit the Payout pane

  2. In your web browser input the web address for Multipool's payment pane

  3. Under the “Payment Address” column, click the + symbol to Add a withdrawal address for each currency your mining. Alternatively the action tab’s drop down will prompt you to add an address.
    1. If you don't have a wallet address and need to set one up, please click here for our guide on setting up a Coinomi Wallet.
    2. Other alternatives to withdrawing to a wallet, check out our Guide to withdrawing to the Cryptopia Exchange and/or our Guide to withdrawing to a Full Node Wallet.

    Click the + symbol to add your withdrawal address.

  4. Carefully input each withdrawal address for currency your mining. We STRONGLY recommend triple checking your input for accuracy before inputting your security pin and saving.
    1. Remember wallets ASCII characters are case sensitive.
    2. Be careful with both 0’s and O’s, i’s, I’s, l’s and 1’s

    In your web browser input the web address for Multipool's payment pane

  5. Once your wallet address is entered in, it will appear in the “Payment Address” column.

  6. View and confirm your wallet address

  7. Under the currencies action tab you fill find options to modify the payment address and to set your payout method.

  8. Find the action tab on the right of the payment pane

  9. Under the action tab enable either the Auto Payout or the Daily Payout method based on your preferences.

  10. Select either the Auto or Daily payout option

  11. Once you’ve enabled Daily Payouts, the currency will be labeled with a green clock icon.

  12. Make sure you see the green clock in your currencies daily payout column

  13. If you select the Auto Payout method, Multipool will ask you to set your payout threshold to a number greater than the minimum, which will be displayed in the auto payouts column.

    1. Set the your auto payout withdrawal threshold

    2. Make sure the green minimum withdrawal symbol is in your currencies auto payout column

  14. Adjust all your payout settings (wallet address, payout method and the auto payout threshold) for each currency using the action tab and even request an on demand cash out below the daily minimum threshold for a fee.

  15. Manage your wallet addresses and payout methods using the action tab.