Guide to Withdrawing Funds to a Coinomi Wallet

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The official logo is a multi-currency digital wallet for Android devices and is currently available as a secure beta for Apple’s iOS devices. It currently supports over 100 cryptocurrencies (16 of the 29 minable coins on and it securely stores private key information locally on users devices, recoverable with a 12 word passphrase.


  1. To use Coinomi, simply visit their website at make sure your at the correct site, coinomi and not coinami, or some other slight deviation.

  2. In your web browser input the web address for

  3. Select your mobile operating system “Android or iOS (beta).

  4. Select mobile operating system on the Coinomi website. On left is for android and on right is the beta for iOS

  5. You can also visit the playstore on your android phone and search for “Coinomi Wallet”,
    1. For iOS, you must go to the website and signup to be a beta tester. Follow the instructions in their email invitation (you’ll need to download Apple’s TestFlight application and redeem your beta tester invitation code).

    2. On Android devices use the Play Store to download the Coinomi application.

  6. Once you’ve installed the application on your device, it will prompt you to write down a 12 word recovery phrase. Make sure to store your recovery phrase in a very secure location, such as a safety deposit box or fire-resistant safe. Then you will have to verify the passphrase by typing the words in the correct order.

  7. Write down your recovery phrase in a safe and secure place.

  8. You can select which cryptocurrencies you’d like to manage on your digital wallet. You can always add additional currencies to your wallet space at anytime.

  9. Setup your Coinomi wallet

  10. Once you’ve setup your coinomi wallet, select the coin you’d like to receive payouts to and select the “receive” tab on the upper left of the screen, which will display your address specific to that type of cryptocurrency asset, such as BitcoinCash (BCH).

  11. Select the coin and then select the receive tab to display your wallet address.

  12. Select the + symbol for the currencies withdrawal wallet address you would like to add.

  13. Add the wallet address to the Multipool balances page

  14. Input the 42 character “address” into the corresponding currency wallet address on the multipool my balances panel, triple check the address for accuracy since is must be input manually. Click here for the full guide on setting up wallets and payment methods on

  15. Input your 42 character withdrawal address along with your pin number.

    NOTE: There are various settings options, which you should explore within the Coinomi wallet in order to take full advantage of its features. Additionally, since you control your private keys the coinomi wallet allows you to take advantage of hard forks on a currencies blockchain, such as the ones experienced by Bitcoin in August 2017.