Guide to withdrawing to a Full Node Wallet

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  • NOTE: This example to operate a full node is provided for TerraCoin on MAC OS, however the same process is applicable to essentially all cryptocurrencies and should be native to your operating system.
  • NOTE: The size and network demands of each currencies node varies across all cryptocurrencies, please ensure you have enough local storage and network bandwidth for the nodes you plan on installing.
  • NOTE: When you first install a node it typically takes time to process and confirm all the previous network transactions, depending on the currency and your hardware this can take days to weeks.

  1. Visit the currencies correct URL
    1. Ensure your at the correct URL address and haven’t been inadvertently redirected to a scam.

  2. Scroll down or locate the “Wallet” or “Node” menu option on the currencies website. TerraCoin Wallet downloads.
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  4. Download the software for your operating system.
    1. Individual currencies supports various operating systems.
    2. Verify the downloads integrity.
    3. Review the currencies terms & conditions before downloading and installing.

  5. Finish downloading the core wallet software. Depending on your web browser your download details will appear differently.
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  7. Locate the download in your file directory, then uncompress and open it.
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  9. To install on a MAC simply drag the wallet core into your applications folder.
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  11. On a Mac locate the newly installed application.
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  13. I chose to install this on my Mac toolbar or on my applications/start menu on linux/windows.
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  15. Then open and run the application from your toolbar or file directory.
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  17. Typically cryptocurrency wallet cores and nodes are not identified developers on the “App Store”.
    1. Make sure you trust the cryptocurrencies developer and validate that you have an uncorrupted version of their software before installing unidentified developer packages.

  18. On a Mac to open unidentified developer packages you need to open up your system preferences and open the “Security & Privacy” preferences tab.
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  20. On a mac you’ll need to click the “Open Anyway” button to get around the security block.
  21. XXX

  22. Your system will double check that you in fact want to “Open” the application.
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  24. Once open, the currency node will ask have you complete installation process of the blockchain and node software.
    1. Check to make sure that you have enough space on the target hard drive to install this application. Take note that the applications size will grow overtime as the blockchain size increases.

  25. After the installation process is completed, the wallet core will take a little time loading.
  26. XXX

  27. Find and navigate to the “Receive” tab.
    1. All the fields in the receive area are optional and can all be left blank.
    2. After selecting all the options and filling out any necessary transaction details, select the “Request payment” button.

  28. Copy the wallet address.
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  30. Follow the Guide to Setup Withdrawals and Payout Wallets which details how to manage wallet addresses on