Guide to withdrawing to the Cryptopia Exchange

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  1. Visit Cryptopia’s URL
    1. Ensure your at the correct URL address and haven’t been inadvertently redirected to some type of scam
    The Cryptopia URL

  2. Click the Cryptopia "Register" button in the upper right hand corner of the Cryptopia website.
  3. Click the Registration Button

  4. Complete Cryptopia’s online registration form.
    1. Setup a strong password and complete the reCAPTCHA checkbox.
    2. Read and review the Terms & conditions before agreeing.
    3. Setup a pin and save it in a safe place. The longer the pin the more secure.
    4. Click the "Register" button.
    Complete the registration process

  5. Check your email and confirm your account by selecting the “Verify My Email Address” button. If you don’t see the email in a few minutes, check your spam folder.
  6. Verify your email.
    Cryptopia confirming your email has been verified.

  7. “Log In” to Cryptopia with the login credentials you just created.
  8. Verify your email.

  9. Select the Bitcoin symbol, then “Deposit” menu item in the upper right hand corner of the Cryptopia website.
  10. Select the Deposit submenu item to the Bitcoin Symbol in the upper right hand corner.

  11. Search and select the currency you want to deposit at Cryptopia
  12. Search for the currency you want to deposit.
    Select the currency and hit “Next”.

  13. Click the copy button or select and copy the Cryptopia Deposit address, that you’ll need to input in the withdrawal section on
    1. Disregard Cryptopia’s warning, “not to deposit directly from miners”. Multipool manages withdrawals in a way that doesn’t negatively impact withdrawing directly to Cryptopia.
    Copy the cryptocurrency address to input into the Multipool withdrawal wallets.
  14. With this deposit address you can follow this Guide to Setup Withdrawals and Payout Wallets on the website.