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  • The Multipool API allows GET requests for metadata on each mineable currency on

    1. To get an API key visit the account settings page.
    2. Located at the bottom of the Multipool account settings page.
    3. The API URL:
    4. To make a quick online API request, simply visit

  • The api call has two main branches
    1. Currency: {currency_tag: confirmed_rewards, hashrate, round_shares, block_shares, estimated_rewards, payout_history, pool_hashrate}
      "currency":{aur_h":{"confirmed_rewards": "3.7337778190000000", "hashrate":0", "round_shares":"10240","block_shares":"0", "estimated_rewards":"0.00030431", "payout_history":"0", "pool_hashrate":171408201}, "bch":...}

    2. Workers: {currency_tag: worker_tag: hashrate}
      “workers”: {"btc":{"myworker.1":{"hashrate":"240200"}, myworker.2: {"hashrate":"0"}}, ”bch”: …}