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  1. ZERO Withdrawal Fees
    1. There are NO WITHDRAWAL FEES for daily payouts or auto payouts above the minimum payout threshold. Multipool.us highly encourage users to setup the Daily, which pays out approximately every 24 hours, with a low minimum withdrawal threshold or Auto pay withdrawal methods, which pays out every 30 minutes on the half hour assuming your reaching the withdrawal minimums.
    2. Multipool.us covers the withdrawal network transaction fees up to 0.00075 BTC, providing a free withdrawal for miners.
    3. On demand withdrawals below the daily minimum threshold are charged a fee equal to 20% of the daily minimum threshold. (**Rates are currently being adjusted, the table below reflects today’s rates rates)
    4. Click here for the daily and auto payout minimum thresholds, confirmation requirements and the on demand fee table.
      1. NOTE: If you have less mining power, Multipool suggests the Daily Payout method because the minimum withdrawal threshold is significantly less than the Auto Payout minimums.
      2. Network transaction fees vary between cryptocurrencies and is typically based on the amount of kb in a transaction. An amount of coins made up of many small transactions will have a greater size and therefore incur larger network fees. (These fees are irrelevant while mining with Multipool, as there are no withdrawal fees.)
  2. Mining Fee
    1. Multipool.us deducts 1.5% of each block found to maintain and develop the pool network.
  3. Optional Donation | BCH Wallet: 1NYmHiZScE97iNqL1mbgGsUu67TXdreuye
    1. Multipool.us miners are able to contribute an optional donation in addition to the standard mining fee, which helps us maintain and develop the pool network. We are working on various aspects of the site to improve our mining communities returns and experience; your suggestions are always warmly received.
    2. Individual BCH Donations are allocated towards site development